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Welcome to our Feather World

Our Philosophy

Based around the beauty and simplicity of the feather, each product is designed to express a lifestyle where there are no boundaries and the skies are the limit. Where you can let your hair down and dance to your own music. We hope that each piece will bring you closer to your inner light, helping to guild you through your own personal and creative journey.

feather extensions

Feather Hair Extensions

Includes a grouping of 6 feathers that are secured at the tip. Making installing our feathers at home a breeze. Medium, Long and Extra Long sizing available. 

Individual Hair Feathers

Create your own feather combinations by inserting individualhair feathers,one-by-one, into your hair. Select your favorite color and preferred feather width. Thin, Wide and Fat widths available. 

Feather Earrings

Where it all began. Browse our selection of hand made feather earrings to pair with your lifestyle and free spirit. Assorted sizing and styles available.

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