Our Story


Hi, I'm Ashley

During the Summer of 2010, I spent traveling America visiting the scenic landscapes of Santa Fe, the calming Ozark Mountains, and soulful New Orleans. Free to explore without schedules or commitments, I found my own inner strength; and, just as importantly, discovered my love of feathers.

After returning home, I began wearing feathers in my hair and making feather earrings on the floor in my living room. Embracing the heart of this new lifestyle an idea began to take shape. From that moment on, I aptly became known as The Feather Junkie

About us

Based around the beauty and simplicity of the feather, each product is designed to express a lifestyle where there are no boundaries and the skies are the limit. Where you can let your hair down and dance to your own music. 

In all phases of The Feather Junkie, we strive to inspire and influence our customers in a positive way through our variety of products. In hope that each piece will bring you closer to your inner light, helping to guild you through your own personal and creative journey. You must be free, be light and like a feather take flight. Wherever the wind may take you, wherever you shall fly, live life to the fullest until the day that you die.

Feature quality

Feathers are thoroughly washed in a mild detergent before they are hand dyed,  packaged and sent to us. We strive to source partners that are efficient and conscientious in their operations.