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Feather Hair Extensions
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Medium Hair Feathers | 7-11 inches
Feather Hair Extensions
From $20.00 - $30.00
Long Hair Feathers | 11-14 inches
Clip-In Feather Extensions
From $20.00 - $40.00
Dog Feather Extensions
Hair Feathers Tool Kit
Hair Feathers Starter Kit
Feather Extension Micro Link Beads
Extra-Long Hair Feathers | 15+ inches

Feather Hair Extensions

Our Feather Hair Extensions were created one day after purchasing a pair of feather earrings with the idea in mind that hair feathers would work just as great and make a fun festival statement piece without having to keep up with your earrings. Each feather hair extension is crafted with the rock-n-roll nights, free-spirited mornings, the music lover, and the featherhead in mind.

We secure the tips of 6 feathers in our Feather Hair Extensions to make installing your extensions a breeze. Each feather extension is handmade with the highest quality rooster feather sourced in the USA. You can Do It Yourself with no problem. Our DIY Tool Kit and Instructional Video on "How to Install your Feather Extensions Yourself" make it easy as one, two, three. Tips and Tricks in our Maintenance Plan and suggested storage containers help to keep your hair feathers maintained so you can reuse them as often as you'd like. 

Each hair feather is unique as the person it will adorn. Let it be free beside you. Blow in the wind as you move and do your daily groove. Let it help you through your own personal and creative journey. Always remember..."You must be free, be light and like a feather take flight. Wherever the wind may take you, wherever you shall fly, live life to the fullest until the day that you die."