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The Feather Junkie x Whiskey Nebula

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The Feather Junkie x Whiskey Nebula

Icarus flew too close to the sun. His wax wings melting from the heat as he fell from heaven. His purpose: fly as high as possible, dare to dream the unimaginable. His wish was what many of us believe; that we can achieve that which seems beyond us. Like a comet colliding with Jupiter, the results are of two loves. From a distance, when stars collide we cannot hear the sound or feel the impact. It is only in the afterglow that we truly see the infinite possibilities. So when something as light as a feather floats into the nebulous pool of paint on canvas, the result is delicate, subtle, spellbinding.

There is a purposeful grandeur to The Feather Junkie meeting Whiskey Nebula. Two artists with different techniques, different schools of thought; but together, like that comet into Jupiter, they produce a silent and visual composite of beauty. With the Dream Catcher works and the Feather Paintings collection, you can now grab a star of your own. It is a rare opportunity to dawn your wings and fly.

Live in the moment. Bask in the afterglow of stardust, and do not fear to fly to the sun.


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