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The Feather Junkie

Feather Extension Starter Kit


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  • Includes 2 Feather Extensions 7-12" 
  • 1 hair loop puller 
  • 1 hair needle hook
  • 1 pair of pliers
  • Micro-link sets - assorted mix
  • 7.5" x 5" canvas black bag
  • Zip closure

    The Feather Extension Starter Kit includes everything you need to install your hair feathers yourself. Learn how to install your hair feathers with our easy step-by-step feather installation how-to guide. 

    Inside mesh pocket for your hair feathers, and designated pockets for pliers, hair hooks, micro-links (silicone and classic), and even a hair clip to fit. Throw into your bag or suitcase and change your hair feathers on the fly. 

    Silicone Micro-Links have a thin inner lining inside the link to help ensure extra strength in holding your feather extension in place. Aluminum material.

    Classic Micro-Links have no inner lining, allowing them to lay flatter in the hair for a more natural look. Copper material.

    Each rooster feather is unique. Please allow for natural variances in each feather.